About Miro

Watch, Touch, Feel.
Kyoto of ancient capital has various colors.

Why don’t you feel the charm of new Kyoto in the space that historical taste, familiarity and warmth?
「More easily」「Many times」

The guest house Miro where you can feel Kyoto. You will feel relaxed and comfortable here.

At Miro,we provide you the rooms where you can relax mentally amd physically. Rest in the room with Japanese warm atmosphy and Kyoto style ,Japanese taste. With someone special and special time. Miro will cnnect your journey. Please enjoy your freaky Kyoto trip.

Miro is good access and located a popular area. A new encounter that you will definitely want to come back here again.

We are looking forward to seeing you. Miro can provide you the room stuck to every detail with different theme, good access and enjoy sightseeing well. Miro provide a pleasant special experience that you want to tell someone.

your time here will be precious

【Miro】is Machiya which is located in a popular area of Kyoto.
The time you spend in Kyoto makes you forget your busy life.

The guest house Miro provide a special and luxurious moment for you.